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Purchasing performance improvement: CxO Purchasing Analysis 5.0

Yes, thank you to our customers, for their confidence and thanks to them we can announce the marketing of our new application for improving purchasing performance!

Indeed, this new version pushes the capabilities of the Qlikview Business Intelligence tool even further, but above all our teams' thinking to make our tools even more complete, more relevant, closer to you, while remaining simple to use!

New version CxO Purchasing 5.0

With version 5.0 of the Purchasing Analysis solution, we wanted to respond to the diversity of our users, so that everyone can configure our software the way they want.

Of course the administrator keeps control of the main parameters, but if these new possibilities are allowed then you can adapt the main display parameters of your analyses according to your needs ...

In addition, more than 20 new features have been added to the existing analyses, and it is now more than 200 fully dynamic KPIs that you will be able to use from one day to the next, because I remind you, our applications are turnkey, and can be deployed in your environment in a few days!

Do you have any doubts?

Ask to take advantage of our "Proof of Value 2021" offer, this non-binding offer will allow you to test all of our applications, in your environment, and with your data, for a modest cost.

Naturally, we take the risk that some people will take advantage of this opportunity to define their Purchasing IS roadmap for the coming years at a lower cost ... yes, yes, I know, this world is sometimes ruthless, especially when you are a small company!

But honestly between committing several tens of thousands of euros over a period of several months to finally "deliver" an application that will only have the "look and feel" of our analysis applications, without being able to simply restore all the complexity we manage, I think I would start by asking for a quote before committing any expense!

Indeed, for a fraction of this price you will be able to benefit from the totality of our analyses almost overnight and take actions to improve the performance of products, suppliers, buyers in the same time ...

If, on the other hand, some of our analyses seem too technical to you and you would rather have a Reporting tool than a Management tool, then you should know that a simplified (but just as powerful) version of our application is available. This one is fully integrated in the official version, but we can market it separately if this is what you are looking for.


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