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Immediate return on investment ! Really?

How can we claim that our applications can deliver immediate ROI without even knowing your business?

It's really simple, it's due to the cost-benefit ratio!

But first of all, let's go back to the basic definition :

Return on Investment (ROI or Return on Capital Employed), sometimes referred to as return, rate of return, rate of profit, or ROI, is a financial ratio that measures the amount of money earned or lost, relative to the amount initially invested in an investment. (see wikipedia)

Let's do the math :

Return on investment = (gain (or loss of investment) - cost of investment) / cost of investment.

So, for example, for an investment whose cost could be around 25,000 euros and which would bring a gain of 50,000 euros, the ROI would be equal to (50,000 - 25,000) /25,000, i.e. 100% or twice the investment!

It's very interesting, so imagine what if our analysis tools identified 250,000 euros, or more ... we'd be close to 1000% and that's what we'd like to identify for each of you ;-)

So obviously, at this stage it is only theory, because above all it will depend on the amount of your purchasing activity (it is difficult to find 50,000 euros if you only spend 100,000 euros), but also on the robustness and reliability of your purchasing processes, and of course on the cost of your investment (our solution) ... on this last point be reassured, we have different offers that will meet everyone's needs!

But to get back to your business, if you are buying goods or materials for more than 250,000 euros there are bound to be opportunities, and I can only recommend that you contact us to discover our complete test offer in your environment called "Proof of Value".

Proof of value

I could also complete this analysis by reminding you, the time you will save with our KPI's usable from day one to the next (we just need the format of your data to configure the loading of the application) ...

As anyone would say trying it is adopting it, and as this offer exploits your own data you will even be able to finance its extension, unless you prefer to keep all your earnings !

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