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Why choose our CxO spends 5.0 solution?

Reason n°1 : Flexibility CxO Purchasing is the cheapest and easiest solution to improve your company's performance and financial profitability.

Our turnkey tools allow you to have an exhaustive and consolidated vision of your activity, as well as to easily identify new levers to improve your performance.

More than 200 dynamic KPI's, extremely powerful but very easy to use, are distributed according to each person's responsibility.

Thanks to the power of our application, all of our analyses are updated in real time according to your different selections.

Our analyses are much more flexible than most Qlikview solutions.

Our applications for both Sales, Purchasing and HR are based on the "3 clicks concept" which allows you to quickly identify areas of improvement and potential savings.

In fact, all our analyses are based on the CxO cube which is a representation (at the user's choice) of the 6 major axis of analysis that can be represented in 3D or exploded form and which appears on all screens to help you in your analyses, and for which you can determine the maximum amount of information to display. As the analyses are dynamic, you can click with your mouse on any of the information displayed to refine them and easily identify the data that impacts your efficiency.

The management of global parameters, at the hand of the administrator you have identified, obviously allows you to adapt the application to your own needs.

These different configurations are intuitive and allow you to determine, among other things, the method of calculating the impact of prices and performance analysis in your company. The administrator can decide whether or not to define the possibility for users to configure their own environment and also whether or not to activate the security module that allows access to certain data to be restricted to authorized users, all in a simple and concise manner.

If the administrator has authorized individual configuration, everyone will be able to choose the language of the application they wish to use, i.e. French or English. Each user will also be able to configure the CxO cube according to their own interests, focusing on external purchases exclusively or not excluding products that are indexed to stock market prices. Everyone will be able to decide whether or not to activate the tutorial, which includes the essential information for each screen and guides you through the advanced functions, which is recommended during the first manipulations to familiarize yourself with the application.

To make your environment more personal, you can choose the background color that will be used.

In addition, our application allows you to use a copy of the source data to modify directly in memory the expense categories related to each of the products and/or suppliers to restore overall consistency with the data that has been generated by each of the different sites. These two elements will cohabit in terms of reporting and no source data is modified. On the other hand, you can request that the correction be made by each of the departments concerned in the corresponding ERP and once the modifications are made, they are automatically replaced because they will no longer be necessary.

The reason n°1, you will have understood it is the flexibility of our application to easily accommodate everything you need.

CxO Spends 5.0 solution : Reason n°1

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