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Our knowledge, is our value !

Thanks to our experts knowledge and industry consultancy best practices (that are fully integrated in our analysis tools package) you will be able to improve the performance of your business, its profitability, your workload and the skills of your employees !

La Défense

Our offers


This non-binding offer allows you to check the relevance of our solutions with the use of part of your data:

  • Partial integration of your data (3 months maximum)

  • Checking the integrity of loaded data
  • Presentation of the standard solution with your data

  • Can be combined with the "Demonstration of values" offer to extend the range of data loaded to 24 months and test our solution at home

Proof of value 

The purpose of this service provision is to demonstrate the richness and relevance of our analysis tools and the ease of their deployment in your environment.

It is also an excellent way to verify the integrity of your data and ensure the consistency of our analyzes.

  • Our experts will work with your teams to ensure the success of this initiative


This annual subscription gives you access to our analysis tools, on the desired activity area (s), namely Sales and Margin Analysis, Purchasing Analysis, Operating Expenses and Human Resources Analysis

  • Depending on the options chosen, you benefit from a business intelligence license, as well as all or part of our Analysis tools through a clear and unambiguous commitment

  • We take over a few days of service to check the integration and integrity of your data

  • You also benefit from a half-day of training and a user guide to take full advantage of the rich functionality of our tools.

  • You can complete this handling with professional training, our company being registered with DATADOCK as a training organization


Apart from our specific offers, we can also intervene on your projects or specific missions to share our knowledge and our expertise at very attractive prices

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