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Cologne 2013: CxO Advisory's genesis

In February 2013, during a "Pricing" seminar in Cologne, we were able to present the first tools we had developed for our consulting activity.

In the video below, you can see the 3-click concept that was for some time our company's catchphrase, "CxO Advisory: 3 Clicks to Take-off", and which has now been replaced by "CxO Advisory: Your Trusted Partner", which better represents our commitment to our clients.

Cologne, February 2013, the genesis of CxO Advisory

A few weeks later we launched the company CxO Advisory SAS, with the objective of sharing our expertise with industrial companies that market many products manufactured and/or purchased, across different countries and in different currencies, and that are faced with the problem of tough international competition and erosion of their sales prices and for which Business Intelligence tools can be a great help.

Finally, the following year we decided to industrialize the various analysis tools that we had developed over the last few months to help us during our consulting missions and to offer them from the in-memory BI tool "Qlikview" (published by the company Qliktech), in the form of integrated, turnkey software, for the benefit of our customers.

This is how we created our first "Business Intelligence" application, concerning sales and margin analysis, in order to implement the "3 clicks" concept that we had presented a year earlier.

Since then, we have diversified and many CxO analysis applications with the objective of improving performance have been developed, and today most of our applications are in their fifth major release.


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