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Why choose CxO Spends 5.0 solution?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 févr. 2021

Reason n°5 : Complete

Our CxO Purchasing 5.0 solution offers dynamic multi-criteria analysis to simplify the exploitation of all your data.

The main actor of our analysis, as you know, is the CxO cube. It is an intuitive concept that allows you to synthesize your most important data, refined to a more detailed level as you make your selections. It takes it full power in the synthetic module.

In the synthesis module when you rotate the cube to display one of the 6 main criteria, the corresponding synthesis graphs are automatically displayed, you also have other full analysis displayed.

The performance module displays an analysis regarding the positive or negative impacts that suppliers/products can have on the company's performance. This module representing the evolution of the price index as well as a table listing the suppliers/products impacting your company's performance.

The price curve module performs analysis in order to verify the pricing policy of your suppliers.

This module offers an analysis on the variation of volume and purchased prices (suppliers/products) compared to the chosen reference period.

In addition, our application is also composed of a data extraction module, allowing you to act autonomously, to build your own extraction queries but also to export your analysis results to Excel.

The reason n°5 clearly and precisely evokes the exhaustiveness of our application.

CxO Spends 5.0 solution : Reason n°5

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