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Why choose CxO Spends 5.0 solution ?

Dernière mise à jour : 7 févr. 2021

Reason n° 3 : Innovative

Our CxO Purchasing 5.0 solution offers you dynamic multi-criteria analysis that are both accurate and innovative, with in-depth drilldown capabilities.

Indeed, all our analysis are based on the CxO cube which is a representation (at the user's choice) of the 6 major analysis axes that can be represented in 3D or exploded form and that appears on all screens to help you in your analyses. You can determine the maximum amount of information to display. As the analysis are dynamic, you can click with your mouse button on any of the information displayed to refine them and easily identify the data that impacts your efficiency.

Our application includes several types of graphical analysis such as diagrams, curves and point clouds but also data tables to make our analyses even more intuitive and relevant.

These graphical analysis are completely exportable, especially to Excel for easy distribution to your teams and/or collaborators.

The S&OP process is one of the main challenges of the Supply chain. It is applied when the company sets itself the objective of ensuring that it will be able to supply and/or produce what it expects to sell.

Aware that this is an important process for most of you our solution has an S&OP function that also integrates a simulation module that allows you to vary exchange rates and prices to verify its impact on end customers.

Our tool will be an undeniable help for your budget development processes.

Naturally, you also have an overview of your suppliers, and the details of each of them, as well as an analysis of their performance, an important criterion for verifying their relevance.

In addition, you can carry out a detailed check on the suppliers' address information, postcodes, cities and countries.

CxO Spends 5.0 solution : Reason n°3

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