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CxO Spends 5.0 - Proof of Value 2021

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our Proof of Value offerings, which test the relevance and business value of our analytics applications in your own environment that are developed using the Qlikview business intelligence engine.

Take advantage of the release of our new "CxO Purchasing Analysis 5.0" application to learn more about our pricing proposals, as you won't find an equivalent in the BI market for turnkey applications.

Not only do we make available, for each of our offers, more than 200 KPIs, dynamically updated (and in real time) according to the selections you will be able to make in our applications (thanks to the power of BI), but we also take care of the integration, configuration, deployment and training of your users.

As such, you can refer to our previous post, about "CxO Advisory's genesis and the 3 clicks concept", to understand why we strive to conceptualize as simply as possible, and for each one, the analyses that seem most relevant to us, and this according to the level of responsibility (even if by nature, some of them remain complex).

On the other hand, when we announce an immediate return on investment, it is not only these elements that we take into account, we also consider the opportunities for improvement that will be identified by our analysis applications and which are quantified and valued to obtain this ROI.

Below a factor of 10, we can consider that your processes, employees and analysis tools (if not as affordable as ours) are at least as efficient and we can only congratulate you for that!

Next week, we will provide you with more information about the main features of this new CxO Purchasing version !

CxO Spends 5.0 - Proof of value 2021

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