Our offers


This yearly subscription give you access to our business dashboards and analysis tools for the category you want (either Sales analysis and/or Purchasing Analysis).

Based upon the options choosen you will get :

  • One business intelligence licence of Qlikview software

  • All or selected units of the business analysis  package selected

  • Half a day of service to integrate your own business data

  • Half a day of training, to discover the wealth of our tools


This time and material offer, aim to lock and capture opportunities in your books.

This offer requires a stronger involvement from your side.

  • Our experts will work closely with your team to ensure the success of this initiative

  • This accompaniment offer does only concern domains or areas where you are lacking either internal knowledge or available ressources.

Journey to Excellence

This package is a combination of our two offers :

  • Subscription

  • Accompaniment 

Our expertise offering

Outside our specific packages, we are able to provide our expertise on a time and material basis to address any specific needs you may have !

Our commitment

Improve your profitabiliy and develop the skills of your employees

Our collaboration is based on the following business code of conduct: :

  • Trusted partnership

  • Economical and pragmatic proposals

  • Clear responsibility and accountability

  • Customer satisfaction


Our know-how is our value !

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