Monitor progress

Involve me and I understand.

Sustainable growth

​​Growing your organization to full autonomy, is your last challenge.
To be amongst best-in class, we must set-up an organization that will be aligned with the company's strategy, and focus on operational excellence.


Specialized consulting firms can be helpful at this stage, but they can make it very difficult as well, especially if their consultants take ownership of the employees' contribution rather than involving them. Indeed, this may  result in demotivated  staff, as their input, is no more visible, while, if it is managed properly,  you  can benefit of significant returns. 


At CxO Advisory, we care of your people and their capabilities, hence, when we elaborate our proposal, we consider your teams contribution and performance seriously, as  we know that sustainable growth will come from them. 

Knowledge Transfer

​​Business changes all the time.

To make sure your investment will not deliver only once, you need to build internally the capability to monitor its evolutions. 

At CxO Advisory we have elaborated a set of tools that can be used to monitor performance improvement, and that could be helpful to initiate another cycle of improvement.


Our last  stage, focus mainly on greater team independence and full autonomy, in order to be prepared for the next challenges.


The Sustain offer is optional.

It is  a mixed of subscription and time material basis. When subscribing to our Sustainment phase, you have access to our library tools, with one user licence, and we will provide 5 days remote training, support or development to fits our offer to your specific needs..

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