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Pricing for profitable growth is one of the most powerful lever to improve business performance.
It deals with setting the right price for new products as well as managing erosion during product life cycle.

​Proper monitoring requires centralized pricing control.

Optimized efficiency requires high pricing agility and de-centralized pricing execution.

Where to start is the initial challenge. Pricing decisions are being taken daily since company's birth.

Over time, local baronies have endorsed pricing ownership,  important decisions being driven by local agenda.
This can create conflict with corporate objective that could be further aggravated if not managed properly.

Hence, being able to obtain buy in from all actors is the key to success.

Emotion to Facts

At CxO Advisory, we care about people. We know they have the keys to success. Our objective is to obtain full buy-in from your organization. Our analysis is based on facts, built from your own set of data.

The first gold vein we reveal comes directly from your business transactions, providing a factual picture of your sales and partners pricing behaviors. In addition, this first pass gives a reference performance point that will be used along the way to measure the true value captured out of the actions implemented.

​Cross functional team are built, once marketing, operations, sales and finance are on board. These teams can then, easily understand the pricing levers that are made available to them 

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