This is CxO Advisory's "raison d'être"

Improving companies' profits !


With decades of experience in international industrial companies, confronted  with  worldwide competitive markets, ruthless competition and complex processes, our experts are prepared to provide  you the right solutions to handle all of these challenges.


Our expertise offering

Outside our specific packages, we are able to offer our expertise on a time and material basis, for what is related to Pricing, Cost optimization, or Due Dilligence.


Personal development / coaching

All our offers ensure appropriate involvement and  knowledge transfer, but employee development being key for you and for us, we have a dedicated offer regarding new executive managers appointment, that is available on request.


Discovery package deal

This fixed price offer is especially tailored to identify in a short period of time, potential financial opportunities

  • It  requires minimum client involvement to provide results.

  • The outcome should identify 10 times the fixed cost of the study.


You don't have to take, nor share the risk during the discovery phase.


​​​​We will identify at least 10 times the cost of the discovery phase or you don’t pay us anything​ !​​​



This Time and Material offer, aim to lock and capture opportunities in your books.

  • It requires, higher client involvement, as our experts will work closely with your team to ensure successful realization.

  • It focus only on domains, where you lack internal resources and/or expertise



This yearly subscription gives you access to our analysis and management tools repository.

  • You get one business intelligence licence and have access to our toolbox

  • We provide 5 days remote training, support or development to fit our offer to your specific needs


Journey to Excellence package

This package is a combination of our three offers :

  • “Discovery package deal”,

  • “Mid to Long term accompaniment” and

  • “Sustainment”


It requires, step by step client involvement.

As a recognition of customer commitment, and long term relationship you will benefit of 20% discount of all individual offer when subscribe together.


Our commitment
Revealing the hidden source of revenues, accompanying your people to realize opportunities, sustaining benefits thanks to a collaborative approach and trusted partnership is what we are aiming for.

Our offers relies on a strong code of business conduct:

  • Trusted partnership

  • Pragmatic proposal

  • Clear responsibilities

  • Customer satisfaction 

​Our expertise is our value

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