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You can  find  on the market,  many consulting firms  offering services related to profit increase, but you will find none offering a packaged deal for the discovery phase.


Instead you may experience up-front cost and/or success fees retribution. You may even be asked for a formal engagement based on time and material.

Those companies put the risk on you.

You do not have to take nor to share the risk at this stage ! Our expertise being our value, we are willing to endorse that risk for you. Where to start is the main challenge.


We just have to agree on what domains we will focus, eventually what services we should ignore, define what is the "scope of profit" we are targeting, the rest  is  ours !

Package Deal

Our wide range of expertise related to  support functions like marketing, purchasing,  finance,  information systems and supply chain, allow us to identify what areas seem to be the most "valuable" in terms of source of improvement.


Our offer, requires limited involvement from your side (assuming data are available for collection and analysis).

A list of potential profit, that could  deliver the expected value will then be elaborated, discussed and reviewed with the project team, to agree on realistic deliverables.

In the discovery phase, our cost is setup up-front, and will never exceed 10% of the  'scope of profit'. Furthermore,  if  we do not succeed to identify the equivalent agreeable potential amount,  you won't owe us anything.

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