Unleash your people potential


Despite appropriate human resources management,  all companies have to face employees turnover.

Of course, no one is irreplaceable, but there are people who are more replaceable than others.

When a firm has to face such a situation, different options could have been considered :

1) you have enough resources, and backup is already available, impact in that case should be minimum !

2) you have defined a succession plan, and even if the replacement may not be immediately up to speed, at least business risk related to  departure was anticipated.

3) lastly,  the succession plan is unrealistic, or there is no succession plan and you need to recruit ...

The biggest challenge in that later case would be to find the perfect match, as soon as possible !

In-house Expertise

​​When a firm, is facing  such unexpected departure, our consultants  can offer their expertise and experience  in many ways.


At CxO Advisory, we care of your people and their potential, hence before recruiting externally, we can also help you to identify good internal candidates that we can support and coach in order to transfer our knowledge and expertise, while developing internal promotion and in-house expertise.


If unfortunately, there is no available resources, and if you have to seek for external recruitment, then, instead of asking  head hunter to help you find the hypothetic perfect match, why not looking for  a more affordable candidate, with less experience that we will accompany during the first months, in order to transfer the expertise he may lack.

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