The three basic steps​
Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand​


What: Meet on site with your team in order to understand the needs and the specificities. Launch data harvesting.
At data reception, identify and size opportunities, propose actions and prioritize it.

Benefit: Get 10 times the cost or you don't own us anything
Key success factor: Client's ressources


What: Define accompaniment needs after having reviewed critical processes. Engage with your teams and develop new approaches and implement actions. Measure results

Benefits: Pay only for activities where you need specific support
Key success factor: Client's ability or willingness to change


What:  Monitor level of performance.

Organize on site trainings  to sustain activity and long term development.

Seek new opportunities and cloud computing services.

Benefits:  Gain full autonomy

Key success factor:  People

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